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Shenzhen Chuang Xin Jia is a professional pvc cards and rfid products manufacturer in China, which has over 17 years factory experience. Our big clients include Sony, Samsung, OPPO, British Telecom, etc.

Plastic Door Hangers Advertising — 2016-12-16

Plastic Door Hangers Advertising

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co.,Ltd. is a supplier of high quality custom PVC cards and plastic door hangers. With the design printed on the core of the material, our door hangers are created for maximum durability and superior finish. Hotels, guests houses, conference venues, schools, colleges and other event spaces can use the door hangers to provide essential guest information such as “do not disturb, meeting or exam in progress” or room name signage. We are expert for kinds of pvc cards over 17 years factory experience! For more about pvc cards or plastic door hangers, you can view our website.


You can get all the added touches and customizations you need for your project through our Custom Quote service. Popular custom requests are unique sizes or formats, quantities, PMS colors, spot varnishes, perforations, die-cuts, and funky folds. Prevent panic, and catch your resident’s attention with a maintenance door hanger before they get in to their apartment.

Meet and greet customers and prospects right at their front door with full-color door hanger printing from Be confident you’re getting an excellent value – door hangers that stand up to the elements and the competition. Use plastic door hangers to announce a special sale or event, create a buzz about a new business in the area, or introduce a long standing business to potential new customers.

Door hanger printing and advertising can also be used at conferences at a host hotel to promote the schedule of seminars, activities, and other special events. You can also get Rip Hangers , which are a door hangers that can also have a detachable/perforated business card, coupon, or other useful item. Door hangers are full color both sides on 14 point cover stock and include square or rounded corners, and a choice of gloss coating, high-gloss U.V. coating, C1S (coating on one side) or matte coating. For additional door hanger promotional tips, check out our door hanger marketing ideas Also review our door hanger templates for layout guidelines that will help keep your print job on schedule.

RFID Key Fob for access control — 2016-10-20

RFID Key Fob for access control

The durable and cost-effective RFID key fob can be customized in the different colors as well as custom logo printing and serial number printing and so on. This kind of RFID Key Fob can be widely used in a limitless variety of applications for automated access control, such as apartment for main door entry and elevator access.


Waterproof RFID key fob allows 100,000 times reading & writing. With a sealed RFID chip inside, RFID proximity key tag enables automated check-in or check-out procedures for access control applications and supports capturing the information in real time.

RFID keyfob are available with broad range of RFID technology, from low frequency 125KHz to high frequency 13.56MHz, etc. Thus it provid an optimal solution for different RFID accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag.

attractive epoxy NFC tag — 2016-10-11

attractive epoxy NFC tag

The Epoxy NFC tag features an attractive appearance which is finely designed to attract the customer, the nice appearance is aim to promote company tag surface is completely epoxy coated, giving it a wonderful gloss coating. The working temperature of NFC Epoxy Tags is -30℃~80℃. Epoxy NFC tags surface can be offset printing, screen printing, printing.


The Epoxy NFC tags is widely used for loyalty system, access control system, time-attendance system, promotion systems etc. EPOXY NFC tag combine the RFID technology with good looking can easily be fitted to a normal accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag, and we provide our partners the different customization technics on the tag. The epoxy pvc material will give the tags one or two sides of protective layers. If you need any help, our expert team must give you the suitable suggestions ASAP. Large orders can be specified.

custom printed pvc door hangers — 2016-06-20

custom printed pvc door hangers

Our plastic door hangers are made of high quality plastic. Can be used for hotel, restaurant, KTV, etc. If you’re a service business in a community, distribute these door hangers on the other doors to build your client base. Custom hotel door hangers are not just for requesting privacy. They can also be used for branding and promotion.

PVC door hanger for warning and promotion

We are producing kinds of pvc door hangers according to the customer requested, such as custom size, custom thickness, custom design,etc… We are mainly use CMYK 4C printing,and silk screen printing as well. Punching hole and metal eyelet are also accepted. PVC door hangers with a durable, high hardness, not easy bending, and so on. In particular, If you need the door hangers looks like texture, high grade, we can make in clear transparent and frosted effect.

proximity key fob for access control — 2016-06-13

proximity key fob for access control

The housing of RFID key fob is made of high temperature corrosion resistant material pressure PVC or ABS by refined mould, and inside RFID part filled with epoxy to protect the RFID chip. The keyfob’s front and back housing are pressed into finished keyfob by supersonic.


Flip chip: EM4100, TK4100, etc.

Product features:
small size, durable, unfading
waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion
can be hung on the key chain, easy to carry
a variety of styles and colors can be to chosen
can be customized according to consumers design

Application of RFID keyfob: access control or other.

Why do people prefer to use silicone bracelet — 2016-06-08

Why do people prefer to use silicone bracelet

Actually Silicone wristband is a trend of fashion, it has appeared in a variety of entertainment field, such as selling gifts, souvenirs, promotional items and so on.


Nowadays, more business person take the RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) chip into the bracelet so that makes it shows smart life with lots of fun for our everyday. Most mainly for it’s practicability and straightforward for advertising, super easy to wearing.

This bracelet is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, so it’s touched super soft and comfortable. As we know, Silicone material has lots of advantages, likes wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic, tasteless. So that it’s no side effects on the human body, not to stimulate the skin, etc.

We have kinds of type, size for child(round 50MM/55MM),size for adults(round 65MM/74MM) or custom size is available. Your Logo printing on top of bracelet as well.

It popular used in Swimming Pool, Hospital, Music Concert&Events, Access Control, and Cashless payment and so on. More and more guys like wear this bracelets, and ensure it’s a trend of fashion now!

Contactless IC Card — 2016-06-01

Contactless IC Card

Contactless IC Card is also named RFID card and laminates with chip and antenna inside. It communicates with reading devices with electromagnetic induction theory and there is no contact point over card surface. Comparing with contact IC cards, proximity cards have high reliability, easy to operate, can be read with different direction even they can not see chip on card surface and better for printing cards.

Contactless IC Card

Contactless IC Card is the advanced technology in exist international smart card industry. According to different integrate circuit inside we can classify logic security card and CPU card. It will mainly use for resident identification card, metro card, bus card, door access control card, membership card, etc.

Features of Contactless IC Card

High reliability, it does not touch devices directly and avoid any faults because of dusty or plugging card. Contactless IC Card has quick anti-collision function and can prevent data interference, and make the reader can read more cards at same time. Their memory structure can use for different system. People can set up different password or accessing condition for different application. High encryption and mutual authentication verify, each section has operation password and access condition.