RFID technology being introduced to Australian rubbish causes residents to worry about privacy

RFID technology being introduced to Australian rubbish causes residents to worry about privacy

News.com.au reported, recently, residents of the Sydney Nevada were surprised to find that the local city government had begun to replace the trash can. When they took out the trash, they found a lot of “raw faces”.

However, what’s more surprising, these trash bins is also introduced the “black technology”! City concil even installed a monitoring device in the trash can!

It is reported that the Sydney West Municipal Government has currently replaced 35,000 new trash cans. At the edge of these new trash cans, a very small, rounded device was installed in a very subtle place. This circular device is called a radio frequency identification device or an RFID waste bin tag. As above picture shows, you won’t think it a monitoring device.

A spokesman for the Sydney West concord said that the device would be the standard equipment for “mobile trash can”. The purpose of installing this black technology is to “certify”. In other words,  if people who pollute the trash, will soon be checked out. You can not just dump the garbage in Australia. You must pour the trash into the recycling trash can, not the ordinary ones, and there is corresponding fine measure.

However, the privacy problems caused by it also make the Australian residents uneasy. Although many commercial enterprises have already used this rfid waste management technology, but in the absence of transparency, residents are likely to lose their sense of security. University of New South Wales Bachelor of Network Law said that he understood residents’ concerns. Because this will make all the things in people’s lives are clear and open, and people will worry about excessive reaction in the case of lacking transparency. And according to his speculation, at the beginning, these monitoring information data authority will be very strict. But over time, these data will be used for other purposes, such as infer whether home users are on vacation, because they don’t have garbage to pour.


library borrower’s card

library borrower's card

Library card is a borrowing certificate that units provide books to readers charged or uncharged. It can cooperate with the scanning equipment of book management, can complete the borrowing registration and management at a lower cost. There are three main ways to library cards management.

Library card barcode
Library card barcode means that a line of black and white vertical stripes was sprayed on library card. Barcode scanner can identify borrower information and book information by this stripes. And record the end date and the date of the book should return on the library card. This is a relatively low-cost way of managing books. But the safety factor is not high, and the bar code is relatively easy to wear.

Magnetic library card
Magnetic library card is a layer of magnetic stripe on the borrowed card. And the final purpose of this magnetic stripe is to solve the question of the bar code borrow card easy to wear. The magnetic stripe borrows card combine the magnetic stripe above the card with the machine. Machine identified the magnetic stripe information above the card, And then transfer the data to the data line, And finally operate through the terminal computer. It is very little to wear. Of course there will be degaussing. About this question, you can contact us.

RFID library card
RFID library card is one of our main products. A chip embedded in the library card, it sensed by the device, it’s easy to use. There is no degaussing or wear. RFID library card has a long service life, fast sensing speed, of course the price is also higher. In the long run, it is cheaper than barcode library card and magnetic stripe library card. The others may appear a failure after a period of time. While the RFID borrower’s card will never appear.

The role of NFC play in the access control system

With NFC technology, smart phones can almost “touch” everything, which will bring mobile internet – based mobile internet with the real world more three-dimensional docking, and open more commercial tipping point. NFC (Near Field Communication, short-range wireless communication technology) make the distance get closer, you are out if you now do not know NFC!


Previously when it comes to NFC function in the phone, most people are confused, because there is no use of the environment, it may be regarded as the most tedious function of mobile phones, it can only be used as mobile phone manufacturers’ slogan. In the past two years, NFC is said to be shine, and be used in people’s daily life, like the access control, public transport, mobile payment and other fields completely changed people’s way of life.

Security industry and NFC contact are the most closely related to the number of access control system. At present, NFC technology and access control system integration, mainly focus on hardware and software. Hardware, through the upgrade access control system to identify the front-end (card reader), access control in the head / lock need NFC chip(NFC card/NFC sticker), when it senses the NFC phone, NFC chip will release a password to the front of the access control system card, then control the electronic motor, so that the electronic motor will open or close the door. And the software, you should also consider taking full advantage of the characteristics of NFC handheld devices, NFC access control instructions should be written into the phone to achieve access to air
traffic authorization, Mobile phone dial-up door, appointment visit, access control information, mobile phone disarming and other functions. Based NFC access control system, its advantage is that cardholders to carry more convenient, more secure information, and NFC technology through the mobile APP, to achieve more personalized features.

In addition to the use of access control products, NFC is also used in a number of specific areas, such as police, security personnel patrol mission, but also through the NFC technology patrol. Through the NFC technology, patrol personnel can hold the NFC device in the corresponding sensing area brush, the background will show this data, so you can achieve the purpose of recording inspection time and track.

Plastic Door Hangers Advertising

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RFID Key Fob for access control

The durable and cost-effective RFID key fob can be customized in the different colors as well as custom logo printing and serial number printing and so on. This kind of RFID Key Fob can be widely used in a limitless variety of applications for automated access control, such as apartment for main door entry and elevator access.


Waterproof RFID key fob allows 100,000 times reading & writing. With a sealed RFID chip inside, RFID proximity key tag enables automated check-in or check-out procedures for access control applications and supports capturing the information in real time.

RFID keyfob are available with broad range of RFID technology, from low frequency 125KHz to high frequency 13.56MHz, etc. Thus it provid an optimal solution for different RFID accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag.

attractive epoxy NFC tag

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The Epoxy NFC tags is widely used for loyalty system, access control system, time-attendance system, promotion systems etc. EPOXY NFC tag combine the RFID technology with good looking can easily be fitted to a normal accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag, and we provide our partners the different customization technics on the tag. The epoxy pvc material will give the tags one or two sides of protective layers. If you need any help, our expert team must give you the suitable suggestions ASAP. Large orders can be specified.

custom printed pvc door hangers

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PVC door hanger for warning and promotion

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