The most basic application of NFC tag: information interaction

As the most basic skill of NFC tag, the acquisition and interaction of tag information is more convenient and faster than qr code. Information interaction is a generalized NFC tag application. Almost most of the NFC tags are sending some information to the user, and then complete some actions. Such as NFC business card, billboard advertising tag, public bus stop navigation label even some electronic equipment using NFC function complete bluetooth fast matching, as well as the warehouse for cargo information manage of electronic identity cards, etc.

As early as the end of 2012, PepsiCo’s Japan exclusive distributor launched an outdoor billboard with NFC technology. These ads appear in the subway’s pull and window posts. Each place is equipped with two NFC tags, passengers can use NFC mobile phone touch the tag to participate in the activities to win prizes.

PepsiCo NFC outdoor billboard subway

December 2015, Lanzhou City, main urban area , 50 bus stops all put into use. The new bus electronic station with traffic information interactive data query, LCD information display, the vehicle station voice broadcast and other functions. It is worth noting that these electronic signboards have NFC function. You can interact with the NFC mobile phone to obtain the surrounding information, bus station information.

In 2016, foreign NFC tag supplier and manufacturer RapidNFC launched a NFC asset management cable tie tag. The cable tie id tags are designed for the convenience of adding labels to all kinds of assets, which can be applied from wire to shelf or even machine. This label can be applied to anything that can be tied to a cord. Then it can be scanned with multiple devices through NFC.




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