How to solve the fade problem of plastic card

How to solve the fade problem of plastic cards? Many customers are most concerned about the product quality and price when making plastic cards, but also worry about plastic cards fade problem.

We have to understand the process of making plastic card. The contents on the plastic cards are printed. All colors are available. There is a color of course there will be fade. Unless it is white or black. To ensure that plastic card will not fade, it is estimated that the global plastic card factory are unable to do. Can only say how to effectively prevent plastic card fade or what way to prevent plastic card fade.

plastic card factory

So what color does not fade?

First, The original color of pvc material is white, so white pvc cards certainly will not appear fade.

Second, Black is very overbearing, black pvc card will also not fade. Like black leather shoes everyone wearing, black leather shoes will not fade.

For plastic card fade this problem, in fact, there is no solution. If you want to prevent plastic cards from fading, I suggest that we could make the plastic cards coated during production. Plus a layer of protective film can prevent fade and can prevent the card surface was scratched. Another way is to do the matte plastic card. The frosted surface is not smooth. The matte plastic cards can also effectively prevent fading and card surface scratches.

The above provides two solutions to prevent pvc cards fade. If you want to know more about plastic cards, you can visit our website: Consult our online customer service, or send email to us. Our sales sincerely at your service!



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