To keep pace with Android : iPhone open NFC test, it can brush buses and subway in the future

For Chinese users, they most hope that iPhone can have these two functions: dual SIM card and iPhone open the NFC. Apple seems to have begun to pay attention to these two issues. Apple has already applied for a dual SIM card patent, but it is not clear when it can be achieved; and NFC function, they have started the test, they should probably be able to join the function soon. Are you surprised? Are you unexpected? And do you expect?

iPhone open NFC test

Today, Apple announced that through the watchOS 4 operating system, Apple Watch will support NFC, and Apple Watch watch can use the NFC soon. Even more surprising is that Apple said, NFC function for iPhone is also opened to the test.

Developers broke the news, iOS 11 beta has been added to core NFC technology support to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which is a NFC data exchange format to read NFC tags and data framework.

According to Apple’s official words, after opening the NFC function, they will also provide additional services. For example, you can recharge the bus card, swipe bus card and metro card, etc. Many domestic Android phones have supported the relevant features. Apple saw its convenience and popularity, and finally decided to align with Android, to fully open the Chinese NFC function.

This is really a good news for the iPhone. If iPhone can swipe the bus card, will you use it?



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