library borrower’s card

library borrower's card

Library card is a borrowing certificate that units provide books to readers charged or uncharged. It can cooperate with the scanning equipment of book management, can complete the borrowing registration and management at a lower cost. There are three main ways to library cards management.

Library card barcode
Library card barcode means that a line of black and white vertical stripes was sprayed on library card. Barcode scanner can identify borrower information and book information by this stripes. And record the end date and the date of the book should return on the library card. This is a relatively low-cost way of managing books. But the safety factor is not high, and the bar code is relatively easy to wear.

Magnetic library card
Magnetic library card is a layer of magnetic stripe on the borrowed card. And the final purpose of this magnetic stripe is to solve the question of the bar code borrow card easy to wear. The magnetic stripe borrows card combine the magnetic stripe above the card with the machine. Machine identified the magnetic stripe information above the card, And then transfer the data to the data line, And finally operate through the terminal computer. It is very little to wear. Of course there will be degaussing. About this question, you can contact us.

RFID library card
RFID library card is one of our main products. A chip embedded in the library card, it sensed by the device, it’s easy to use. There is no degaussing or wear. RFID library card has a long service life, fast sensing speed, of course the price is also higher. In the long run, it is cheaper than barcode library card and magnetic stripe library card. The others may appear a failure after a period of time. While the RFID borrower’s card will never appear.



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