RFID tags show off its talents in retail industry

In recent years, RFID tags have entered the fast lane of development, have been widely used in many fields. The most important needs of retail enterprises, including
corporate profits, sales, business intelligence these three blocks. While the application of RFID technology in the retail industry successful helped enterprises improve production and sales efficiency, increased corporate profits, and changed User’s consumer experience.

RFID tags in retai industry

RFID tags total increase rapidly, highly favored by retail

From the total amount of application of RFID electronic tags, 2016 nearly 6 billion, by 2021 nearly 27 billion. In terms of production value, it will exceed $390 million in 2016
and more than $1.4 billion by 2021. It is understood that the retail apparel giant Decathlon, H&M, Marks&SpencerEMEA, Martha, Metro, Wal-Mart, Tesco these super-retail giant and Decathlon sporting goods retailers are promoting the popularity of RFID application.

Earlier, Decathlon RFID project director Jean-MarcLieby said: “Approximately 85% of Decathlon’s products have been used RFID tag, which has increased store inventory efficiency by 5x (for RFID-labeled products), improved store loading rates by 5% and reduced product loss rate by 9%. 5% of sales growth attributed to the use of RFID inventory tracking system.”

RFID tags show off its talents to overcome the six points of retail

RFID tags brought tangible benefits to retail industry, no wonder retail company pay more attention to it. So, in the field of retail industry, how RFID technology display their

As we all know, the retail industry from the procurement, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, distribution, sales to service, the entire supply chain
interlocks. Companies must grasp flow and change of the entire business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow in real time and precisely to be able to effectively
and quickly achieve sales or replenishment. In addition, the retail inventory efficiency, real-time data, employee engagement, data accuracy, product feedback, data depth has
been regarded as the retail industry’s six pain points, these are also the hurdles retailers want to overcome.

Retailers are using RFID electronic tags as the information carrier, relying on network communications, system integration and database applications and other technologies, set up a set of information platform by government regulation and sales. While this information platform can realize the record of each link of the whole industry chain from production, processing, storage and transportation to terminal consumption.

RFID electronic tag with its own unique identification methods and technical characteristics so that the supply chain system can be more simple and automatic to track the commodity dynamic to achieve the automated management of goods. Moreover, RFID electronic tags also provide the retail industry with advanced and convenient data acquisition mode, convenient customer transactions, efficient operation mode, quick and insightful decision-making methods. Through the application of RFID technology, retail inventory, return, anti-theft, and cashier are gradually realizing the digital management of logistics.

There are three main reasons why these retailers are so highly valued by rfid electronic tags: First, RFID can help these enterprises reduce inventory; second, RFID can improve the accuracy of inventory; third, RFID can bring higher efficiency business results.

Last year the total sales of global retail industry exceeded $22 trillion, it is expected to exceed $28 trillion by 2018, which reinforces the retailer’s need for RFID technology. Another factor driving the adoption of RFID technology in the retail industry during the forecast period is the e-commerce market’s competition for services such as price and delivery time. RFID electronic tags can reduce operating costs, shorten lead time and reduce error rate.

Furthermore, each RFID tag has a globally unique ID number – UID, no need to read the barcode label for each item, which can greatly improve the efficiency and save labor costs. Moreover, the enhancement of anti-theft function based on RFID technology can reduce the loss rate and the material cost.

RFID tag applications in the retail sector will continue to increase, and will play an increasingly important role in improving the competitiveness of modern retail enterprises. In the future, RFID labels may replace paper labels, setting off a new wave of applications. However, it can be predicted that in the future there will be more RFID companies to enter the retail layout to compete for the retail market dividends.


New Zealand air service: nfc bracelet keeps children safe

The NFC wristband realizes information tracking of children alone.

NFC wristband

Perhaps a lot of parents have had such a troubled: children want to travel by car or plane, just happened to parents could not get away. Don’t go with the kids, but worry about safety. It’s really distressing.

This problem has a new solution in new zealand. Children who choose New Zealand Airlines to travel alone will now get an NFC Airband wristband that can be scanned at key points during travel. The wristband can be used at 5 locations, and can trigger text notifications to parents and guardians, allowing them to track children’s journeys.

“When checking in at the airport, the child will get a special wristband.” The airline said: “when they reach a certain location, the staff will scan their Airband wristbands,
the guardian of the child will receive a text message, tell their children now where to journey.

The guardian will receive text information at five key points: check in at the airport; boarding; when the plane is landing; transferring to the ground crew; leaving with the
designated collector.”

The airline’s new service is applicable to all children who travel alone at the age of 5-11, but can also choose to increase the service when they are 16 years old.” “As of
February 3, 2016, the service is provided free of charge. After that, if you want to choose the service of domestic routes, 15 dollars will be charged for each child, and 40
dollars for each child on international routes.”

“We all know that parents are very worried about children travel alone,” says Carrie Hurihanganui, a customer experience manager at New Zealand airlines. “We believe that this type of service is first introduced by New Zealand airlines, which makes guardians to ease concerns about a child’s travel alone.”

“In recent months, we’ve been investigating on the Internet and getting positive feedback, this kind of service is very popular, parents know where their children are now, so that they can rest assured.”

Why the NFC silicone wristband is so popular

With people’s pursuit of fashion trends more and more high-end, there are different demands for many profound decorations in real life. Because the material with easy to operate characteristic, NFC silicone wristband has become the preferred access control products. Especially to be able to engrave your favorite pattern on the bracelet by different embossed and debossed ways of filling. This kind of fashionable accessories will be a strong attraction for many people.

NFC silicone wristband

The different accessories reflected by the personal charm is not the same, but can choose the convex NFC silicone wristband as personal identification, it can totally show your personal charm through the engraved personalized logo. It can be designed with different shapes and patterns to meet the different needs of young people for personalized accessories.

NFC silicone wristband is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also can be fully utilized by night light, transparency, color filling nd shape changes and many other advantages. Ensure that different fashion needs can be fully met.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is your first rfid tag manufacturer

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing excellent products and services in RFID Internet of Things identification technology, animal husbandry information and logistics informatization and other fields. Focus on deep in the development, design, production and sales of various rfid tags. Want to find rfid tag manufacturer? Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is your first choice.

rfid tag manufacturer

Our chip covers the world’s major semiconductor companies such as NXP, EM, TI, ST, IMPINJ, ATMEL and Chinese fudan, huahong, and so on. Our company has the independent research and development technology, and accumulated years of professional production experience. To sample production or provide personalized service according to customer requirements.

Our company relies on accurate market positioning and innovative business strategy, now we have information management tag, logistics management tag, item management tag, identity management tag, clothing management tag, vehicle management tag, wristband tag, etc. Product performance and quality can be comparable to imported products. It has been exported to Europe and America, Middle East, southeast Asia, South America, Australia and Africa and other regions, deeply affirmed and supported by the industry.

Our company is based on RFID technology cover all kinds of RFID electronic tags in the industry. It is a professional RFID electronic tag R & D custom service providers. Using foreign advanced production technology, and to achieve more secure data encryption.

To meet the needs of the market, the product volume is smaller and more convenient to use, making the structure more human and more reasonable. If you are interested in Shenzhen Chuangxinjia or RFID tags, contact us.

The most basic application of NFC tag: information interaction

As the most basic skill of NFC tag, the acquisition and interaction of tag information is more convenient and faster than qr code. Information interaction is a generalized NFC tag application. Almost most of the NFC tags are sending some information to the user, and then complete some actions. Such as NFC business card, billboard advertising tag, public bus stop navigation label even some electronic equipment using NFC function complete bluetooth fast matching, as well as the warehouse for cargo information manage of electronic identity cards, etc.

As early as the end of 2012, PepsiCo’s Japan exclusive distributor launched an outdoor billboard with NFC technology. These ads appear in the subway’s pull and window posts. Each place is equipped with two NFC tags, passengers can use NFC mobile phone touch the tag to participate in the activities to win prizes.

PepsiCo NFC outdoor billboard subway

December 2015, Lanzhou City, main urban area , 50 bus stops all put into use. The new bus electronic station with traffic information interactive data query, LCD information display, the vehicle station voice broadcast and other functions. It is worth noting that these electronic signboards have NFC function. You can interact with the NFC mobile phone to obtain the surrounding information, bus station information.

In 2016, foreign NFC tag supplier and manufacturer RapidNFC launched a NFC asset management cable tie tag. The cable tie id tags are designed for the convenience of adding labels to all kinds of assets, which can be applied from wire to shelf or even machine. This label can be applied to anything that can be tied to a cord. Then it can be scanned with multiple devices through NFC.


How to solve the fade problem of plastic card

How to solve the fade problem of plastic cards? Many customers are most concerned about the product quality and price when making plastic cards, but also worry about plastic cards fade problem.

We have to understand the process of making plastic card. The contents on the plastic cards are printed. All colors are available. There is a color of course there will be fade. Unless it is white or black. To ensure that plastic card will not fade, it is estimated that the global plastic card factory are unable to do. Can only say how to effectively prevent plastic card fade or what way to prevent plastic card fade.

plastic card factory

So what color does not fade?

First, The original color of pvc material is white, so white pvc cards certainly will not appear fade.

Second, Black is very overbearing, black pvc card will also not fade. Like black leather shoes everyone wearing, black leather shoes will not fade.

For plastic card fade this problem, in fact, there is no solution. If you want to prevent plastic cards from fading, I suggest that we could make the plastic cards coated during production. Plus a layer of protective film can prevent fade and can prevent the card surface was scratched. Another way is to do the matte plastic card. The frosted surface is not smooth. The matte plastic cards can also effectively prevent fading and card surface scratches.

The above provides two solutions to prevent pvc cards fade. If you want to know more about plastic cards, you can visit our website: www.nfctagfactory.com. Consult our online customer service, or send email to us. Our sales sincerely at your service!

To keep pace with Android : iPhone open NFC test, it can brush buses and subway in the future

For Chinese users, they most hope that iPhone can have these two functions: dual SIM card and iPhone open the NFC. Apple seems to have begun to pay attention to these two issues. Apple has already applied for a dual SIM card patent, but it is not clear when it can be achieved; and NFC function, they have started the test, they should probably be able to join the function soon. Are you surprised? Are you unexpected? And do you expect?

iPhone open NFC test

Today, Apple announced that through the watchOS 4 operating system, Apple Watch will support NFC, and Apple Watch watch can use the NFC soon. Even more surprising is that Apple said, NFC function for iPhone is also opened to the test.

Developers broke the news, iOS 11 beta has been added to core NFC technology support to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which is a NFC data exchange format to read NFC tags and data framework.

According to Apple’s official words, after opening the NFC function, they will also provide additional services. For example, you can recharge the bus card, swipe bus card and metro card, etc. Many domestic Android phones have supported the relevant features. Apple saw its convenience and popularity, and finally decided to align with Android, to fully open the Chinese NFC function.

This is really a good news for the iPhone. If iPhone can swipe the bus card, will you use it?